- where did all of the GMG members end up?

  • IDK, some former mod was going off on Elsie/Kaylee yesterday. I copied it for someone else. I think someone took her site down maliciously.

    Here's what that mod was saying.


    Way off. think about one of the the other site mods who is no longer around. Been with them for years till the whole gmg disagreement. Oh wait do i get banned now for spilling secrets. Sorry mo. But you made the mistake not i. and myself and 2 others are now with shep and working on a massive video to expose you and the other two. enjoy it while it lasts. we took proof before we left. Oh but wait you will now try and take sheps site down right? well you know my background. I built your fucking firewall. good luck.


    Kaylee Wrote: Whatever, scorned ex mod...WhateverYou're clearly an undesirable, seething full of hatred.I don't blame anybody for axing somebody with an attitude like that...You should get off my site. It's not for mean and miserable folks who make their life all about "exposing" others.It's about friendly chatter and sharing valuable, enlightening information. I don't think you've got anything for us.


    Yeh im full of hatred. you removed me from gmg before it was shut down. Why don't i tell everyone just what caused the meltdown..and then the shutdown.. Shall i? or is this where i get banned before i get to spill. Shall i tell everyone how you asked us to do unethical things... and how we refused to. and then some of us began to attack the site... and then you going as far as faking a death to cover it all up.want me to because i will. Oh wait i just did. ban me and go fuck yourself. secrets out. deal with it. opening gmg again. worst thing you ever did. now your users know the truth.

  • Wow. That just makes the mystery deeper. You always have the good dirt, Zon!

    I like Elsie and I hope that stuff isn't true. You never know what people will do when they feel shit upon. Sounds like maybe she shut the site down herself. That's too bad. She has a lot of people interested in her site and that site could be worth a lot of $$ with the exposure and member interest she has.

  • someone else that I talked to about it said it sounded like her writing. I think it sounds like her too. But she seems nervous, it's a strange energy she's putting off. Kinda fake in a way but I think she has to be nice to the members.

    I think Trin owned the domain and just eventually gave it up to her and she's totally on her own with it and may not have the technical expertise to keep it running.

    But people are after her and are making it clear they are going to expose something. That could be where the nervousness I am picking up is coming from.

  • well I feel bad for her. I don't like being involved in nastiness....just sucks my energy and makes me feel like shit. I'm easy going and steer clear from drama. I like Elsie and hope people aren't screwing with her just because they can. She was a head mod for years, right? People get butthurt and love seeing other people like that taken down. I don't ever enjoy seeing someone taken down, even when they deserve it.

  • Yeah, it's getting nasty, I don't want to be a part of that. Being a member makes me feel like I am a part of it. I feel bad for Elsie, I don't know her personally and I'm sure it doesn't feel nice being targeted.

  • givemegossip is already gone again? I want to hear gossip about GMG. If anyone has any good info I'm willing to pay up to $49,000 to have it. I can pay in installments. Contact me for a payment plan.

    Did someone commit suicide again? Was is that damn Lady Jane Smith again?

    If she thinks she can go around offing people, well, I think that's pretty rude.


  • I like your avatar, you look like minecraft!

    Thanks! It's the look I was going for. Something different...
    I'm having trouble figuring out to quote... hmm

    “The only zen you can find on tops of mountains is the zen you bring up there with you.”
    Robert Pirsig


  • The quote feature has a few it's not just you. I'm going to be putting up some information on how to use the forum features soon. Most stuff is pretty self explanatory, but there are a few neathings things that are not so apparent.


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