Kind of a weather status update.

  • My nephew and his wife live I Headlsberg, California and they have been put on evacuation notice. They were trying to gather their chickens and a lot of equipment and pets to haul put of there. If any of you have ever watched the DIY channel on cable t.v. they have a show title YardCore which is a total yard makeover so he has a lot of landscaping equipment to find a location to place in a very short period of time.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be a really bad windy day and all the water coming down from the mountains. We had 3 1/2 inches earlier today from yesterday. Lots of big winds coming as well. There is water standing or running all over the place as the ground is completely drenched. :camera

  • I haven't heard anything as yet as I am not on FB but will be checking with my son later to find out what the deal is. We have had 4 1/4 inches the past two days. There's water standing everywhere you look in most all the counties here in northern California and southern California is receiving the heavy rain as we speak. We have as much as five to seven feet of snow expected over the next couple of days too in the mountains above me.. The wild, wild west

    My barn's flooded in various places and any water is just running across the surface as there is no place for it to go but down into drainage ditches or ponds, etc.

    This is a hard time to have a very energetic puppy who is not getting sufficient exercise. I have taken her out to walk in the street creek which is what I call the water running down the surface of our road and she thinks that it totally cool.

  • That's a lot of water and snow.

    You know, with these lakes and reservoirs filling back up again I keep thinking of Geomagnetic Storm from GLP. He's in northern California and posts a lot about the weather. I remember when he was talking about the drought and was posting pictures of the dried up lakes. I told him that these droughts happen all the time in California.... like every 10 years there's a major drought that lasts several years..... it's all normal and the it only takes one year of good rain to wipe it out and make people forget about the drought...... until it happens again. So I kind of want to rub it in that the drought is over, lol.

    I hope all of your family and property stay safe, Molly. Hang in there!


  • We have now had 6 1/2 inches all told. Still raining. I have brick around most of my house and the drains are not handling the volume of water that is coming down. I have standing water around 1/2 my house. Most of the front is covered deck, thankfully.

    My nephew and family say the water is receding but I don't know how long that will last. In Sacramento they opened the weir which is incredibly long to manage the rising of the Sacramento River (California's biggest river) and all that it drains clear up from the northern end of the great Sacramento Valley. So now it is running into the low rice growing land under the miles long causeway in Yolo County.

  • Yes, when I was a kid you could walk across the American River during some summers. Sacramento is really influenced by two rivers which run through it, the Sacramento River and the American River and close by the Bear River and Feather Rivers and south of it the San Joaquin Rivers and Mokelumne River.

    Back in 1978 after 4 years of drought Folsom Lake which is where I live was just a muddy banked part of the So. and No. forks of the American River which feeds the lake. '
    They', the experts stated boldly it would take years to refill it. Well into the early parts of 1978 the drought was brought to a pretty quick ending and the lake filled within three weeks of rainstorms such as we are experiencing now. They have twice had all the gates of Folsom Lake open so far the past two weeks letting out the water.

  • The weather in California is so extreme at times.

    Where ever you have mountains and the higher the more extreme as we do you have more weather. We also have over 600 miles of coastline and have every geographical designation o the planet so there you go. From Alpine, to dessert to Mediterranean and all of the rest. Most of the storms drop out of the Gulf of Alaska wherein they Are formed . These have been coming out of the atmospheric river above us which carries a much greater volume of water than many Amazons way up there and periodically brings it down to us. I think back in the 1850s the entire valley systems here were completely inundated by this and back in 1955 Folsom Dam had just been completed when the area was so involved pilots who flew into Sacramento said they thought they were flying out over the ocean there was so much water.

    For emphasis on how dry it normally was in Sacramento when I was a kid we had horned toads there. It is the servitude of these very same rivers which transformed the area over a relatively short time. Back then our humidity would run as low as 7 or 8 percent but today with all the parks, golf courses and everyone supports luscious landscaping it can run in the high double digits at times. The hydration has created a mini climate.

  • This morning we had a little over 8 1/2 inches of rain up to date for the past four days. We also had a little tornado come through the South Natomas area of Sacramento and we are supposed to have thunderstorms today with tapering off rain. :umbrellahearts

    More rain, huh?
    Glad you are staying safe and ahead of it Mollyblue.