Battlefield 1 - The Runner Ending Soundtrack (Zajdi Zajdi)

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    OK, there will probably be a shitstorm in the comment section soon enough, so let me just write a few words about the music.The lyrics are from a song called "Zajdi, zajdi", originally written by Aleksandar Sarievski, a Macedonian folk musician. He claimed he was inspired by several different folk songs with similar motifs from Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia. The song became so popular that many artist started performing it, primarily in Macedonia, but later also in Bulgaria and Serbia, and soon everyone thought it's just a regular folk song. Based on her pronunciation, this particular performer seems to be Bulgarian, but it's the creators of the soundtrack that know for sure.So, it's a beautiful song with interesting background, but due to the nature of the Balkans people often bash about "whose this song is". Most YouTube videos are like that. It's tragicomic.

  • I found the full translation but it sounds better in Macedonian.

    Set, set bright sun,
    Set, blackout
    And you clear moonlight too
    Run away, drown yourself
    Sad forest, sad sister,
    Let’s be sad together
    You- for your leaves, forest
    Me- for my youth.
    Your leaves, forest – my sister,
    Are going to get back to you
    My youth, forest – my sister,
    It’s not coming back.

    Here's another version

  • Curious, how did you hear about this vidya game, Big Fanny? :heheh

    Was your husband or kid playing it?

    lol, I think my husband read about it. He plays Halo and something else, IDK he might play this too.

    The song in the soundtrack only goes to drown yourself, it's not the entire song.

  • I just listened to that kismet song you posted, I like how the voice with that music, that's sound bad ass.

    I still love the vocals in the soundtrack song, sounds a lot like the Bulgarian women's choir, this is my all time favorite song because my grandmother and I used to listen to it before she passed. It's like a prayer.

  • Ok, just to be cleared this is Macedonian song, not Bulgarian, nor Serbian. (I`m from Serbia btw... ) :D

    First version, and probably the best ever performed is done by Macedonian Singer/Artist, one of the best in Macedonia EVER, period!!!! who unfortunatley died in a car crash some years ago.
    The performance is live and it`s a version with guitar, and i don`t think anyone will do it as good as he did in this show... he did it many times, but this one is just out of this planet... just hear it... :D The guy is killin` it. :D

    This is my second favourite version and it`s done by Serbian female artist/singer called Jelena Tomasevic, rly beautiful version, i love it also... it`s done in classical MACEDONIAN/serbian folclore style.


  • I would love to hear the whole song with a beautiful Bulgarian voice from the Battlefield track. The Bulgarians have the most angelic voices on the planet. Jelena has a beautiful version too, I prefer a woman to sing this song for some reason.

  • I think gamers are searching the soundtrack, and they find this discussion.

    I just google searched the title and Icecreamonmars is the first discussion to come up, the first few are just videos.


  • very good translation brate moj

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