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    So attention to detail? Repetitive but really important to do it right the first time then try to fix after. Might seem easy but that's what makes it easy to f up. You'll do awesome. And so nice to have a co-worker to laugh with :hearts2

    Definitely have to be following all the steps because if you mess up it will be because you didn't follow the steps . I don't really have any co-workers but all these people were from around the country . I guess these projects they do , which are for State Farm, they've been doing them for years . State Farm is a huge company . I guess they ask people back that do well and that want to come back. But I'm under contract for 5 months and I guess they do these projects once a year or so. At least once a year. They have hundreds of people on this project I guess. I did fly out with two or three people from my area in California . Liz was from Cleveland . There were a couple of real losers in the class 2 which I'll tell you guys about because it's funny. I pegged the one guy right away as somebody who was just a complete ass hole and he ended up walking out on the first day of training and saying this is all bullshit and he took an Uber back to his hotel no one ever saw him again . LOL the second one was a guy who I thought was a nice guy but he looks kind of like Stan from South Park . Hahaha that's what it reminded me of. Who drove did Illinois from New York . It surprised me when he didn't show back up for the next day . I guess he told somebody that this job wasn't for him or something like that. People are so stupid sometimes . The guy that I had pegged had absolutely no clue how to behave or dress in a professional manner . I have to try to find a good way to talk about him . I guess I'll make a flight when I get back home in the private area

    Haha. I just had to go with what I had and I had $9 fake Ugg kind of boots from Goodwill . Then I had my ankle boots for the training but they're not anything to be walking around on slippery surfaces with. LOL

    This job is going to be super easy for me . The hardest part about doing the job is just the procedures not the job itself. They have to be done exactly step by step . So we did three installations today in their training environment . They have a whole set of simulator offices set up with the same equipment that'll be out in the field . And they introduce some minor glitches into some of the stations. It was kind of fun .

    All guys except for me and one other woman . Her name is Liz and she's a little older than me . I really liked her a lot . She was fun and super funny . I mean she had me cracking up and she was full of energy . I was cracking her up too, so we got along great. They seated us together for the duration of the training. I figured that's just so that we would be more comfortable because the rest were all just guys. The test environment was a separate room and nobody was together it was just go in like it's an office and start turning the work orders and seeing what you had to do.

    It felt so good to have a hot bath the last two nights. I'm not sure if I'm up for taking a bath tonight but it felt so good. The water at my house is ice water.

    training with pretty well. This town of Bloomington where I'm at there's nothing to do at all. Tonight I went outside to see if I can walk to the little shopping center which is Maybe 2 tenths of a mile away, but there's no sidewalks just snow. Maybe a couple feet high. I saw where someone walks through a field or something in the snow but I started to walk through there and didn't want to get my boots wet because I don't think they're waterproof. So I just ordered a pizza and wings and I'm watching TV right now. But I have to get up at 4 to catch my flight.

    Looks like I missed the really harsh weather. It's been what are they call it, that freezing mist or whatever that is so there's like ice on everything. But it's not that cold today it's about 32°. Monday at supposed to be -5 degrees and as a big ass storm coming through. So I'm getting out of town before that hits LOL. By the way, I'm speaking into my phone so my grammar and the words might not be correct.

    Here's a couple of pictures I took on the morning of my first day of training. I don't know why but I was just wanting to see what my jacket look like before I headed out. LOL I bought the jacket with the idea that I didn't want it to be too wintery because I can use it back home in California Maybe. It kept me warm enough for the small amount of times that I actually had to spend outside. So I will see you guys from home the next time I log in probably! I need to catch up!

    I start my real World installations on Tuesday.

    there's nothing wrong with that at all. I don't think that athletes coming to the White House usually get anything to eat like that anyway

    The media is making a big deal of it here, or at least the Usual Suspects like CNN are going on about it like it's a big deal. Some people in the media are even seen as racist.

    Well that guy is fucking crazy, because you are magic. There's no one else like you. I don't know you very well, but I know that for a fact. That dude will one day look back and know what a huge mistake he's made.

    I don't think you're a weirdo. I think you're funny, sweet, thoughtful, and so smart. Just be you, sweetie. That's all we can be. Ourselves.

    It hurts a lot when someone breaks off contact. There's no easy advice that anyone can give that will help speed up the process of getting over her. It's hard, because we don't want to get over the person.

    You're a special soul, Reilly. The right person is out there somewhere. Keep being yourself with no apologies.

    We lived on a farm... What you say is true... When I was a child a fox ate most of the female turkeys... you wanna know what happened to the only surviving female in a group of 6 turkeys? It was disgusting... it really scarred me.

    Maybe the Turkey was a slut.

    Something it took me awhile to understand about Reilly is that he really does need things to be very direct if you want to convey something to him. If it's not black or white and very clear, I think he leaves it open to interpretation, and I think he prefers things clarified in a direct way.

    I'm not joking or teasing about it.

    Reilly, correct me if I'm wrong but I think you told me that you respond best to direct answers and statements with no chance of any ambiguity. Is that right?