GG Funtime's Music Tread

  • LOL. I don't even know what I was thinking with my little captions!. I added them after the songs where posted. I must have been very tired though because I just woke up and it's 11:38.

    And by just woke up I mean literally just woke up. Usually I'll wake up around 6:30 and not get out of bed for awhile, but I was confused this morning when I saw the clock. Shocked acrually.

    My left knee hurts too because I messed up doing my squats yesterday. I went too far down and didn't keep my back straight and now it's hurt.

    Well, that's my interesting story for the day.

  • I'm going to continue this thread without the stupid captions.

    Just songs that I like or touch me in some way. Today I felt blue most of the day. A lot of coincidences all happened at once. Things that kept hammering me emotionally from all directions.

    Anyway. I'm listening to Pandora. I've got some cleaning done and now I'm going to work out. After that it's a shower then I want to sit down with some green tea and maybe come up with a new song.

    This thread is probably just me needing to clear my own thoughts. So maybe posting music and just talking like this to myself will help me reveal something I need to know, or maybe it will just help me get my dumb thoughts out of my head in sort of a vague way, if that makes any sense.

    Or maybe this could be a journal of sorts. Maybe after I die people could read some of this and know some part of me.

    Who knows. I just feel like typing.

  • Hey I found some music for you I think you would really get along with this guy, seems like you got a lot in common. Maybe you can find him and be friends together.

  • Hey GG, you think it's funny to laugh at people who are emotionally damaged to the point that they self-harm? That's pretty shitty and fucked up ya know? You are one of the most self-centered people I've ever seen on these forums and it's really sad.

    I think it's time to get out into the real world GG. Maybe do some community service or something.

  • Don't speak to soon cause the wheels still in spin and there's no tellin who that it's namin. He that gets hurt will be he who has stalled...the battle lines have been drawn.

    Please pardon the question it was just a suggestion. Would you dance with a stranger if the stranger were me ?

  • something really bizarre about that kirsten video , its very sexy , idk maybe it was meant to trigger those who are too racially sensitive

    that one must really make ling's head spin

    I just always loved that song, I think it's from around 1980... by the Vapors, I believe.