Do you think you are a better person than your parents?

  • I'm not sure that I am a better person than my parents but I tried to be a better parent. You would think that it wouldn't be that hard to do, being just a little better than your parents, but if everyone did it the world would be a very different place by now.

    I"m the oldest person left in my family. My parents are gone. I find it harder to maintain a level of goodness. I get crabby a lot more often that I used to.

    How is it for you?


    I reserve the right to "go off" over something stupid like some bitch calling me a name..........

  • Im not a parent but have experience raising a kid. I did some things better but under better circumstances. Overall I don't think I would have compared to my father under similar circumstances.

  • Nobody gave any of our parents road maps or theirs or before that. With some exceptions I do not think most parents ever contemplated visiting grief and pain on their children in terms of planning it that way.

    For me I cannot compare myself to anyone else as better or worse.

    Since the very first family there have been problems and dysfunction.

    Thank God for the good memories we foster and try to pass along. Hopefully we are all in better places through our efforts with our families and friends.

  • I wouldn't say different. or better.... I do know one thing..... my parenting is worse....I tried to do things differently to what they did bringing me up.... guess what... kids need a good belt from time to time....

  • I wouldn't say I'm a better person than anyone, but I feel like I'm a good person. My parents are really good people too, but my dad kind of has some different values than mine that I don't agree with. Still love them both and highly respect them. I know some people just had a terrible upbringing with one or both parents being complete monsters, and all up and down the spectrum from there. We are affected our whole lives by how we were raised, and it's so sad when I hear about parents that never seemed to love their own kids, Maybe they had problems themselves, and I will never judge anyone... but the pain they cause can be crippling.

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  • well I apologize but I didnt go apeshit on you, I did probably crossed your boundaries but me going apeshit on that dude is evidenced on another forum... big difference

    Im not known for soft pedaling anything Ive done and I wouldn't start now

  • Read this thread and get back with me. You may not have gone ape shit on me, but I simply asked you a question and you told me to "get the fuck out of here" and told me I have no fucking clue and no mothfucker can give me one. Then you told me to wallow in the drama I "love so much".

    I'm Gonna Make This Shit Clear, But, Nerve Again

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    If you don't feel like I deserve an apology, that's up to you.

  • well I did apologize, and I didn't say you didnt deserve one either

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    many members you did see as friends gone because of it too... no less than 3 and probably a handful...

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