Bucket List

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    When I was a kid I remember my father went out of town for the weekend to go scuba diving with a group of people. It wasnt just a dive trip though, it was a rally and my father raced in a Mustang GT, won a cool trophy too.



  • I was 16 years old. My first car.. 1987 Ford Mustang GT. 5.0

  • Both the same and the opposite of a block party.

    After going out to eat with the family I was just relaxing in bed with the door open, my uncle and father were talking at the bar and he offered my father a drink.

    As they got to talking my uncle would go on to tell about how once or twice a year all the neighborhood would end up getting together.

    Starting at like 5 they would meet at a house and have a drink or two, before moving on to the next house, each house having a different theme, until they went through most or all of the houses, lasting till about 2am.

  • I had a Nova with slicks on the back..........Mary's dad ask if anyone was hurt in that wreck.

    I traded it in on a 1968 VW.........I loved that car.

    I reserve the right to "go off" over something stupid like some bitch calling me a name..........

  • I had a Nova with slicks on the back..........Mary's dad ask if anyone was hurt in that wreck.

    I traded it in on a 1968 VW.........I loved that car.

    My father had a cpl mustangs, a cpl camaros, a cpl vettes, a cpl super beetles, a cpl bikes and a cpl hot rods from the pre 20's...

    I used to go to the pub in a 26 T bucket


    A cpl monster trucks

    You name it, my father had it

  • Yeah, times have changed, it seemed much easier to own stuff like that back then. He was more a car guy but around bike guys. He had fast cars but never any with slicks.

    Growing up I always thought my father and I would build a car when I got that age, but he was no longer interested in that stuff, he became normal, and truthfully I get it, a lot harder to maintain those things yourself nowadays.

    When I bought my first motorcycle my father decided to buy a valkrie , that was cool and relatively easy to own.

    He eventually bought another boat big enough that he needed a dedicated truck to pull it, but of course boats are money pits and pains in the assets (asses auto corrected, lol), so yeah, that got sold too, lol

    Every now and then I get that bug and right now its merely a reliable fun to drive sports car (Toyota 86/S2000/Cayman) but it's something that will probably pass. The cars I mentioned are really only able to flirt with maximum fun on particular types of roads because of their nature of handling well enough to keep speed through corners, so it's probably more logical to rent.

  • wayne, I just got curious and googled Earl Scheib paint job and they are still around, lmfao

    I remember the joke being you had to tape your own car up or else... I think it was like $159 back then, $399 now

    Yup! I worked in an auto body shop, taping, when I was young. That was back when you could get high on paint fumes and no one cared.


    I reserve the right to "go off" over something stupid like some bitch calling me a name..........

  • My first car was a Ford Bobcat (like a Pinto with the gas tank in the back) I called it my Bobcatillac. When it died I went to college.


    My first car... meh...87 Cougar with fanblades... Sony Mobile ES Stereo and 2 kicker 12's with an Earthquake amp

    My next car was an unbadged 90 maxima which I enjoyed until the water pump went out and I needed new heads, and eventually a transmission, at which point I sold it

    I have never really had truly dope cars, though I did have a 99 Volvo C70, which I didnt really buy for myself, its like the European mustang except you're supposed to be able to fall down a mountain and only have a headache. That was before Ford bought Volvo and I did have the special black interior without the fucking ugly center channel speaker on the dash, and I truly enjoyed that lap of luxury except I always was nervous about door dings from assholes, stuff like that. Of course I moved and there was no Shell station or Chevron, so I put less than perfect gas in it and it went to shit that very gas tank, and not even a Benz specialist understands how to fix a Volvo turbo... Sad, that can was designed by the guy who designed the RX7.

    I tend to love my vehicles and I have lived many, I currently drive a 96 camry base model with a stick shift, and a loud muffler, and that thing is so damn fun, not to mention it starts every time, once I couldn't even drive it because the trans fluid was so low, yet I filled it up and haven't had any issues since.

    So yeah, I live Toyota/Lexus.

    Once I had a 88 Prelude with 4 wheel steering, that car was tons of fun, another $800 beater, but in traffic om the highway I could embarrass a Porshe GT2 & Corvette at the same time.

    Oh, I think I saw your car in a video, lol

    I thought my first car would be a classic Bug, on baby moons, but that didn't turn out to be the case.