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  • Intention can travel so far away. Telepathy? not quite but that too travels with intention.
    Good hearted intentions do travel, it feels like a kiss.

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  • The crown above your head is your love and joy, it shines like a light. Its an energy that still persists even in hard times.
    Its higher, higher than our emotional state of soul. Its above feelings yet it does generate many beneficial feelings.

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  • Romantic words have a calming effect, with a little bit of excitement:)Expressing and showing our affection truly does have an effect. Words that have good intentions heal. 'I love you' sure! its a phrase but it has the same intention, as 'love' does.

    Let me try:) I love you!

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  • Dean;) wrote:

    Laughter as in good hearted humor is a necessity. Ridicule? its sinister and its not funny. Its sad that some cant discern between the two. Its a purgatory not being able to distinguish the two.

    The two, that may be the problem - a separation. When we become a whole uniting the two, yes! that special quality, we tend to look for the good. Its a search with a wonderment of discovery.

    Sometimes people come here with a big old chip on their shoulder and sadly they just refuse to play.
    Almost like they are wounded somehow. :(
  • Dean;) wrote:

    I have seen another world that looked like cute cartoon figures living in it, very much like that rabbit in 'Alice In Wonderland'.

    Dean;) wrote:

    SisterCreep wrote:

    Seriously Dean - Did you really see a rabbit? I was gonna post that awful Donnie Darko rabbit but I didn't want to creep us all out too much!
    No! I didn't see Harvey:) just trying to lighten up the mood a little. However I have had visions and dreams. I have seen another world that looked like cute cartoon figures living in it, very much like that rabbit in 'Alice In Wonderland'.And they were having some kind of party, very much like a tea party.
    I could share more but its best to not to because ridicule would most likely follow.
    sounds a bit like this

    As far as ridicule, I really don't find that to be the way ICOM rolls.
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