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  • Dryier Lint

    This forum is confusing. Give me a bit to figure it out.

  • LUCID 52

    Love you to Saint

  • Saint

    Love love lucid

  • LUCID 52


  • Guest#8b5a

    been meaning to say much love 52 for probably weeks now

  • Guest#8f3a

    Read it better! IT IS THC not CBD Oil! ,I know for a fact it is THC

  • LUCID 52

    CBD oil

  • Guest#bf1a

    How is it that this guy can sell THC oil on Ebay? search ebay for THC Oil

  • Guest#6472

    IMPORTANT NEWS!! MUST SEE/READ! Q: The Plan To Save The World

  • LUCID 52

    Love to you all at ICOM from 52 !

  • Guest#b4a5

    xaaxa was here!

  • Guest#b4a5

    We are back again,was hacked but got it fixed! Forums no members style! I got ur email gg

  • LUCID 52

    Against the Darkened Sky Awesome -gg- !!!!!!!!!!

  • LUCID 52

    -gg-Don't worry when you are away. 52 is always here. Don't worry about nothing,

  • LUCID 52

    Daybreak is the BEST song I have ever heard !!!!! Listen to it like 3 times a day !!!!

  • LUCID 52

    Save The World !!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it -gg- !!!

  • Guest#e5ad

    A new kind of forum! Members NOT WELCOME!

  • -gg-

    Wow... guests are saying bad words here~

  • Guest#ae66

    Lots of Great news and Videos at

  • Guest#8a22

    Chaignoir whippy dimples was here!

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